“Is my teacher going to be a robot or a human?”

You will communicate solely with the teacher who you choose. He/she will guide you throughout your studies.

“What does the lesson look like?”

Our client’s individuality always comes first. We tailor the lessons according to client´s individual needs so he/she engages and absorbs the language fully in the best way possible. We don´t teach „the fish to climb up the tree“ meaning that if you mostly use visual memory, we will use many visual aids like pictures to help you learn easier and to acquire desired language knowledge. We also teach through up to date topics that students often find familiar and enjoyable. They range anything from social events around the world to general knowledge.

“How long will it take to learn the language?”

You are unique and so you will need individual and original approach. On average, a person can easily learn a foreign language in about a year.

“Who will be my teacher? Can I choose one?”

Yes, you can choose your teacher on our website, where there are photos of our tutors with additional information about them.

“Can I swap the tutor after a while if I want?”

Yes, you can choose who with and when you will learn. In case you´ll have the same tutor longer than three months, you will automatically get a new one. This is just temporary but we want to ensure that you speak and practice with a variety of people to overcome the fear of speaking the language with anyone.

“Are the tutors native speakers?”

Yes. We offer lessons with native speakers as well as Slovakian tutors who have lived abroad long term to ensure we don´t teach just the mechanically learned phrases but the language as it is used in a real life including slang, common everyday phrases, collocations and often used phrasal verbs for example. After finishing the course you won´t be taken by surprise and you will know what to expect.

“What are the advantages of online course?”

The advantages of our online courses are efficiency and convenience. You can learn from wherever and whenever. People with hectic schedules will appreciate lecturer´s flexibility and a place of study. The lessons offer more comfort so you can concentrate solely on your studies. You can watch recorded lessons again and revise what you have learned as well as a new vocabulary if you need to. Lastly, you can communicate with the professional lecturer who might be located in the country of language origin and make the lesson completely authentic for example with your Russian language course taking you virtually to sightseeing in Russia while you are learning and all of this is for an acceptable price.

“When are the courses?”

You can choose the time of your lesson according to your needs and book them online in our reservation system. Every student has their own account with many advantages as well as a history of attended lessons.

“Are the study materials included in the course price?”


“Will I get the certificate when I complete the course?”


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