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Online Slovak Course

Unique and melodic! This is how, people who have been charmed by the Slovak language describe it. They say that Slovak is one of the hardest languages in the world, but we can assure you – that is just a myth. It can be learnt fairly simple, if you choose the right approach. Our HulaHula team is multi-lingual and is determined to teach anyone it quickly and easy. If you, your family member, or a friend would love to master the Slovak language, do reach out to us! You will be amazed by the results!

Online English course

Imagine that you have a magic key that helps you in any situation. Just like in a fairytale. However, this key is actually an English language. New job opportunities, personal growth, travelling the world or studying abroad. The HulaHula English language course could bring you all of this and much more.

Online German course

Things like order, accuracy, and attention to detail all belong to a Germans and their language is one of the most used ones. You can´t avoid it. Living so close to an Austrian border just assures this fact. It comes across as an austere and difficult language but honestly, everyone can master it with ease. Strong economy and rich work opportunities offer you a variety of occasions where you can fulfil your childhood dreams not so far from home.

Online Russian course

Wherever you go, you meet a Russian. Loved but also hated Slavic language that is so similar to our mother tongue comes to us Slovaks with unprecedented easiness to learn. People master Russian language and they look for it in every destination. This rich language is often associated with luxury of enormous dimensions and it´s carriers with enticing danger, mysterious logic, beautiful women and everything that´s possible and impossible.

Online Italian course

Italian – is one of the easiest world languages but also full of gestures and vivacity. The culture is undoubtedly the most interesting and admired ones. Thanks to Italian you will uncover your new, more expressive, open and carefree side. It is a general knowledge that Italians know how to impress or catch attention. Simply, they are the best in almost everything.

Online Spanish course

Did you know that you would be able to use Spanish in forty-four different countries? Ibiza, flamenco, tapas, Barcelona and Madrid – behind these words there are hidden secrets of Spanish culture and you can uncover them with your language knowledge. Explore this fascinating Romance language with our HulaHula Spanish course.

Online French course

French is an international language of fashion designers, chefs, artists, and fantastic lovers. You will be completely absorbed by that famous French charm especially when reading an original French book or watching a good French film. It is a language of educated society and aristocracy, which still has that magical, jaw dropping effect on people.

Online Chinese course

Mandarin course opens the door of opportunities to cooperate with fast progressing and sophisticated countries and not only China. Sometimes labelled as a language of the future, it could offer exciting work opportunities in high positions. It discovers respect, rich culture, and traditions connected with the language which beauty didn´t stay only in its font.