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About us

We are the team of polyglots who together have over a hundred years of experience teaching foreign languages. We gladly share our knowledge and secrets about how to overcome obstacles when learning a new language.

Just like you, we were also beginners and had to go through some tough times, so we are here to help because we know exactly how you feel.

There are many useful techniques and together we will wake your subconscious mind and force it to think and speak the language you desire.

Did you realise that you already speak one foreign language? When you think about it, the parents communicate with children (from a child´s point of view) in a foreign language. Therefore, as a child, you mastered one language naturally and every other language you will find so much easier to learn. We tend to make up excuses like „aging brain“ or „having no talent to learn languages“, just to justify our laziness .We watch our students growth and evolvement while they learn. We are also certain that one form of teaching doesn´t work for all. In our language school, the clients’ individuality always comes first and that is our trademark.

„Every person has a talent for languages and we have the key.“

Your HulaHula teachers.

„Every person has a talent for languages and we have the key.“

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Our clients said about us.
Eva Bačková

Eva Bačková

Brady Corporation

„After years, I have finally decided to start learning Russian. I could not choose better start than with this school. “

Maroš Kramár

Maroš Kramár


„I think that getting to know people, the world, and other cultures is so important. “

Adriana Mazánová

Adriana Mazánová


„Big satisfaction! There is a professional approach, experience and time flexibility. “

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  • Your follow-up during your studies and guidance outside the classroom



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  • Individual course
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  • Group course
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  • Specific focus
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Online Slovak Course

Unique and melodic! This is how, people who have been charmed by the Slovak language describe it. They say that Slovak is one of the hardest languages in the world, but we can assure you - that is just a myth. It can be learnt fairly simple, if you choose the right approach. Our HulaHula team is multi-lingual and is determined to teach anyone it quickly and easy. If you, your family member, or a friend would love to master the Slovak language, do reach out to us! You will be amazed by the results!

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